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  Isaacs & Simmons, P.C. assists businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals improve and enhance their financial position by providing full service accounting, auditing, tax and management advisory services. We pride ourselves in being able to provide high quality services that businesses deserve and expect.

  2012 Tax Rates - The income brackets for each tax rate are...
  Will You Be Audited?
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits are up.
  Is it a Business or a Hobby?
In today's economy as the cost of living continues to increase many of us have taken what we once did for enjoyment and turned it into “side” jobs to earn a little extra cash.
Our newsletters and tax tips are designed to give you the latest information about tax concerns that we find the most popular among our clients. If you find something here that you want to know more about, please contact us, we would be happy to assist you.

The directors of Isaacs & Simmons, P.C. use a simple three step process because we understand that every financial situation is different.

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